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India:  Acts of harassment and intimidation against Ms. Shila Bewa

8 febrero 2019

India:  Acts of harassment and intimidation against several members of MASUM

8 febrero 2019

India:  Judicial harassment against Messrs. Hiren Gohain, Akhil Gogoi and Manjit Mahanta

15 enero 2019

India:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. S. Vanchinathan

29 junio 2018

India:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harrassment of ?Mr. Surendra Gadling, Mr. Rona Wilson, Mr. Sudhir Dhawale, Ms. Shoma Sen and Mr. Mahesh Raut

19 junio 2018

India:  Repression of a peaceful protest resulting in the death of 13 protesters in Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu

25 mayo 2018

India:  Arbitrary detention of Dalit rights defender Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan in Uttar Pradesh

17 mayo 2018

India:  Acts of harassment and death threats against Ms. Swathi Vadlamudi

20 abril 2018

India:  Acts of intimidation and harassment against Ms. Salima Memcha, EEVFAM Thoubal District Coordinator

10 abril 2018

India:  Intimidation and harassment against Ms. Ranjeeta Sadokpam and her family

13 marzo 2018

India:  Obstacles to freedom of movement and subsequent deportation of Mr. Mukunda Raj Kattel

22 diciembre 2017

India:  Renewed acts of police harassment and intimidation against Mr. Sanjit Mondal

10 noviembre 2017

India:  Arbitrary arrest and judicial harassment of land rights activist Mr. Akhil Gogoi

29 septiembre 2017

India:  Murder of prominent journalist Ms. Gauri Lankesh

12 septiembre 2017

India:  Murder of Mr. Lafiqul Islam Ahmed

24 agosto 2017