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Inde:  Henri Tiphagne: Engage youth to combat injustice and discrimination

20 décembre 2016  |  Déclarations

Inde:  Babloo Loitongbam: Fighting deep-rooted impunity and ethnically discriminatory laws

13 décembre 2016  |  Déclarations

Inde:  Khurram Parvez still illegally detained, despite High Court order for his release

29 novembre 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Refusal to renew the licence of the Centre for Promotion of Social Concerns (CPSC)

11 novembre 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Joint Press Release: Authorities prolong unlawful detention of Kashmiri human rights defender Khurram Parvez

26 octobre 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Kashmiri human rights defender Khurram Parvez arbitrarily arrested and denied due process rights

16 septembre 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Indian authorities prevent Kashmiri human rights defender Khurram Parvez from travelling to Geneva for U.N. Human Rights Council session

15 septembre 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Criminalization of various “Outlook” Magazine journalists including Editor-in-Chief and publisher Neha Dixit

12 août 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Harassment and intimidation by the police against Mr. Kirity Roy and other members of MASUM

11 août 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Cancellation of the license of Sabrang Trust under the FCRA

6 juillet 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Actes de harcèlement contre Soni Sori, activiste tribale et défenseuse des droits des femmes

29 juin 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Harcèlement et restrictions à la liberté d'association de Indira Jaising et Anand Grover, fondateurs de Lawyers Collective

8 juin 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Renewed threats and harassment against relatives of Mr. Ajimuddin Sarkar

27 avril 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Attacks against relatives of Mr. Ajimuddin Sarkar, MASUM District Human Rights Monitor in Murshidabad

31 mars 2016  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Arbitrary arrest, harassment and threats against the human rights defender Soni Sori and members of her family

23 mars 2016  |  Interventions urgentes