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Kenya:  Authorities should implement the PBO Act before it becomes paper tiger

5 juillet 2018

Kenya:  Demolition of one the Coalition for Grassroots Human Rights Defenders offices

4 avril 2018

Kenya:  Press Release: Authorities should re-register leading human rights NGOs harassed for election monitoring work

16 août 2017

Kenya:  Joint Press Release: Human rights defenders should be protected during electoral processes

4 août 2017

Kenya:  Last warning from the court to implement the PBO Act 2013 within 30 days

18 mai 2017

Kenya:  Four years after the signing into law of the PBO Act, Kenyan civil society is still under attack

13 janvier 2017

Kenya:  New acts of intimidation against civil society and restrictions on their access to foreign funding

20 décembre 2016

Kenya:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of ten land rights defenders from Taina Tevada County

22 novembre 2016

Kenya:  Violent repression against an anti-corruption demonstration

10 novembre 2016

Kenya:  Press Release: High Court orders the commencement of the PBO Act without further delays, 1,000 days after its signing into law

4 novembre 2016

Kenya:  Four police officers charged with murder for the killing of Willie Kimani, his client and their taxi driver

20 juillet 2016

Kenya:  Execution sommaire de l'avocat défenseur des droits humains Willie Kimani, son client et leur chauffeur de taxi

14 juillet 2016

Kenya:  Court decision to unfreeze the bank accounts of Haki Africa and Muslims for Human Rights

13 novembre 2015

Kenya:  Harcèlement administratif de la Commission kenyane pour les droits de l'Homme (KHRC)

13 novembre 2015

Kenya:  Bank account of human rights organisations Haki Africa and Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) must be unfrozen

10 novembre 2015