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United Arab Emirates:  One year on, award-winning human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor's whereabouts remain unknown

March 20, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  United Arab Emirates

Colombia:  European parlamentarians express concern for the situation of human rights defenders in Colombia

March 20, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Colombia

Russian Federation:  Ongoing judicial harassment and arbitrary detention of Mr. Oyub Titiev

March 20, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Russian Federation

Philippines:  Unfounded terrorist accusations against dozens of human rights defenders

March 19, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Philippines

Brazil:  Killing of human rights defender Ms. Marielle Franco

March 16, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Brazil

Egypt:  Ongoing judicial harassment of 32 Nubian human rights defenders

March 16, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Egypt

Honduras:  Detención arbitraria, criminalización y campaña de desprestigio en contra del Sr. Edwin Róbelo Espinal

March 16, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Honduras

Guatemala:  Declaración Oral de la OMCT y la UDEFEGUA durante el 37º Periodo de Sesiones del Consejo de Derechos Humanos de la ONU

March 15, 2018  |  Statements  |  Guatemala

Cameroon:  Ongoing judicial harassment against Mr. Musa Usman Ndamba

March 15, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Cameroon

Burundi:  Détention arbitraire et condamnation de MM. Aimé Constant Gatore, Marius Nizigama et Emmanuel Nshimirimana

March 14, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Burundi

Sudan:  Ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Osman Salih, Mr. Salih Mahmoud Osman, and Mr. Amjed Fareed, and release of Mohammed Abdulmonim.

March 13, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Sudan

India:  Intimidation and harassment against Ms. Ranjeeta Sadokpam and her family

March 13, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  India

Saudi Arabia:  Urgent call for release of Saudi human rights defenders

March 9, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Saudi Arabia

Peru:  Amenazas en contra de los defensores ambientales de la Reserva ecológica de Chaparrí

March 9, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Peru

Cambodia:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. Heng Sok

March 9, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Cambodia