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Egypt: Violent eviction from land resulting in the ill-treatment of men, women and children.

June 13, 2006  |   Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Rights of the Child, Urgent campaigns  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: 1500 Sudanese refugees risk forced repatriation

November 1, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: Two men shot by a police officer

October 20, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: Failure in the inquiries on sexual assault of three women

August 3, 2005  |   Urgent campaigns, Violence against women  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: Assault of 8 journalists

June 2, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: Arbitrary arrest and suspicious death in detention of Mr. Ashraf Youssef

May 30, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: death in detention of Mr. Amr Atress Hassan

October 1, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: death as a result of torture of Mohamed As-Sayed Nagem

January 19, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypte: Death in detention and torture of Sa'd Sayed Mohammed Kotb

November 12, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: death in detention of Mr. Mahmoud Gabr Mohammed, reportedly as result of torture

October 22, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: serious deterioration of the state of health of two victims of arbitrary detention

July 8, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: arbirary detention and y torture of a civilian by o piléce official in Louxor

June 12, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: 5 manifestants against the war remain in detention

June 2, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: further arrests and allegations of torture of demonstrators

April 17, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

Egypt:  Egypt: arbitrary arrests, detention and risk of torture faced by anti-war protestors

April 8, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions