Defensores de derechos humanos

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Bahrein:  The court's decision not to grant Nabeel Rajab an early release is flawed

4 December 2013

Bahrein:  The UN finds the detention of Nabeel Rajab as arbitrary; it is urgent to release him

27 November 2013

Bahrein:  Call for the immediate release of arbitrarily detained human rights defender Mr. Nabeel Rajab according to the provisions of the Bahraini Code of Criminal Procedure

21 November 2013

Bahrein:  Lawyer mandated by international human rights NGOs denied entry to Bahrain to observe the trial of human rights defender Naji Fateel

15 November 2013

Bahrein:  Intensificación del hostigamiento judicial contra el Sr. Mohammed Al-Maskati y otros miembros de BYSHR

31 October 2013

Bahrein:  Implementation of even more draconian measures against fundamental freedoms: further risks for human rights defenders!

13 August 2013

Bahrein:  EU should call for the release of human rights defenders and peaceful protest leaders in Bahrain in the context of EU-GCC ministerial meeting in Manama

26 June 2013

Bahrein:  Defensores de derechos humanos procesados ??y condenados a penas de prisión

21 June 2013

Bahrein:  Ongoing judicial harassment faced by Mr. Mohammed Al-Maskati

19 June 2013

Bahrein:  Open Letter to the Parliament regarding the bill presented by the Government to reform the law on associations

8 April 2013

Bahrein:  Continuas detenciones arbitrarias y hostigamiento judicial de defensores de derechos humanos

19 March 2013

Bahrein:  Absolución del Sr. Sayed Youssif AlMuhafdhah

18 March 2013

Bahrein:  Poursuite du harcèlement judiciaire à l'encontre de M. Sayed Yousif AlMuhafdhah

8 March 2013

Bahrein:  Libertad provisional y hostigamiento continuo judicial del Sr. Sayed Yousif AlMuhafdhah

17 January 2013

Bahrein:  Continuación del hostigamiento judicial contra el Sr. Sayed Yousif AlMuhafdhah

8 January 2013