Economic, social and cultural rights

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India:  India: Ongoing risk of forced eviction of 5000 people in Howrah, West Bengal

January 23, 2009

India:  India: imminent forced eviction of 5000 people in Howrah, West Bengal

January 15, 2009

India:  India: OMCT calls for an end to violence against Dalits and Adivasis and to the blockade of their camp at Chengara Estate, Kerala, India

August 22, 2008

India:  India: Denial of the economic, social and cultural rights of the tribal peoples of Wayanad District, Kerala, risks generating further violence

August 18, 2008

India:  India: another violent forced eviction by police in Kolkata, West Bengal

December 14, 2007

India:  India: Violence against and harassment of Dalit villagers involved in peaceful protest

October 4, 2007

India: 200 upper caste members attack a Dalit locality in South India and burn 100 houses

June 15, 2004

India:  India: Threat of Forcible Eviction of over 300,000 people in Delhi

May 6, 2004

India: Open Letter to Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister of India

March 2, 2004

India: Two Land Rights Activists Murdered

January 30, 2004

India:  India: new massive eviction, 75,000 people made homeless

December 24, 2003

India:  India: Death due to starvation of a 3-year old child of an evicted Dalit community

December 23, 2003

India:  India: Demolition of 5 homes and continued harassment of Adivasi families

September 15, 2003

India:  India: Demolition of around 200 homes and more than 1000 acres of crops

August 27, 2003

India:  India: forced evictions and ill-treatments related to the implementation of the Sadar Sarovar Project

August 18, 2003