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Inde:  Deteriorating health condition of Mr. Varavara Rao

16 July 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Akhil Gogoi tested positive for COVID-19 in jail

15 July 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Joint Letter: Request to raise serious concerns and urge progress on the situation of human rights defenders during the upcoming 15th EU-India Summit of 15 July 2020

15 July 2020  |  Déclarations

Inde:  Repression of protests violating freedom of association and assembly

10 July 2020  |  Déclarations

Inde:  Ms. Safoora Zargar granted bail on humanitarian grounds

23 June 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Arbitrary detention of several human rights defenders for protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act

29 May 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Joint Open Letter To The Indian Government Calling For The Release Of Human Rights Defenders At Risk

26 May 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Safoora Zargar, pregnant and detained for peacefully protesting

14 May 2020  |  Déclarations

Inde:  Police harassment of four human rights defenders for criticising the management of COVID-19 pandemic in Manipur State

8 April 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Joint statement - Arbitrarily detained Kashmiri prisoners must be freed

1 April 2020  |   Défenseurs des droits de l'Homme, Mécanismes de protection de suivi  |  Déclarations

Inde:  Deteriorating health condition while in detention of Mr. Akhil Gogoi

6 March 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

HRC43: Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders

4 March 2020  |  Déclarations  |  Afghanistan, Burundi, Cameroun, Congo, Rép. Dém., Inde, Irak, Libye, Philippines, Soudan, Sri Lanka, Syrie, Territoires occupés palestiniens, Venezuela

Inde:  Continuing judicial harassment and arbitrary detention, as well as the deteriorating health condition while in detention of Mr. Miyan Abdul Qayoom

12 February 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Deteriorating health condition while in detention of human rights lawyer Miyan Abdul Qayoom

5 February 2020  |  Interventions urgentes

Inde:  Ongoing harassment against the Lawyers Collective and its co-founders Mr. Anand Grover and Ms. Indira Jaising

11 July 2019  |  Interventions urgentes