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Chine:  Conviction and ongoing arbitrary detention of human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng

18 June 2020

Chine:  Wang Quanzhang should be free to join his family!

17 April 2020

Chine:  Human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang put on compulsory quarantine upon his release

7 April 2020

Chine:  Release Taiwanese Activist Li Ming-Che

19 March 2020

Chine:  Arbitrary arrest of Mr. Chen Weixiang

20 December 2019

Chine:  16 NGOs Call on UN Member States to Hold China Accountable at Human Rights Council for Persecuting Rights Defenders

9 September 2019

Chine:  Conviction and ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Huang Qi

21 August 2019

Chine:  Sentencing and arbitrary detention of Mr. Liu Feiyue

31 January 2019

Chine:  Sentencing of Mr. Wang Quanzhang to four and a half years in prison

28 January 2019

Chine:  Closed-door trial and ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Huang Qi

16 January 2019

Chine:  Ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Li Ming-che and violation of his prisoner’s rights

7 January 2019

Chine:  Ongoing incommunicado detention of Mr. Li Ming-che

15 November 2018

Chine:  Immediately and Unconditionally Release Huang Qi & Ensure Access to Prompt Medical Care for all Detained Human Rights Defenders

5 November 2018

Chine:  Condamnation de M. Li Ming-Che à cinq ans de prison

5 December 2017

Chine:  Sentencing of human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong to two years’ imprisonment

22 November 2017