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Egypte:  Provisional release of Ms. Malak Al-Kashif

17 July 2019

Egypte:  Re-arrest and continuing judicial harassment of Mr. Haytham Mohamadein

18 June 2019

Egypte:  33 NGOs call for the release of jailed activist Malak Al-Kashif

17 June 2019

Egypte:  Enforced disappearance of ECRF Researcher Mr. Ibrahim Ezz El-Din

14 June 2019

Egypte:  Reprisal against human rights defender Mohamed Soltan for human rights advocacy

10 May 2019

Egypte:  Conditional release of Mr. Alaa Abdel Fattah

29 March 2019

Egypte:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of LGBTI+ defender Malak Al-Kashif

18 March 2019

Egypte:  Pursuit of the arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Dr. Shadi al-Ghazali Harb

28 January 2019

Egypte:  Sentencing and ongoing judicial harassment against Ms. Amal Fathy

11 January 2019

Egypte:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. Mohamed Ramadan, a human rights lawyer

14 December 2018

Egypte:  Conditional release of Mr. Wael Abbas, journalist and blogger

4 December 2018

Egypte:  Release on probation of Mr. Haytham Mohamadein, labour lawyer and a member of El-Nadim Centre

20 November 2018

Egypte:  WHRD Amal Fathy’s preventive detention extended for another 45 days

13 November 2018

Egypte:  Judicial harassment and restrictions to the freedom of movement against Mr. Khaled Ali

16 October 2018

Egypte:  Sentencing and ongoing arbitrary detention of woman human rights defender Ms. Amal Fathy

1 October 2018