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Inde:  Continuing judicial harassment and arbitrary detention, as well as the deteriorating health condition while in detention of Mr. Miyan Abdul Qayoom

12 February 2020

Inde:  Deteriorating health condition while in detention of human rights lawyer Miyan Abdul Qayoom

5 February 2020

Inde:  Ongoing harassment against the Lawyers Collective and its co-founders Mr. Anand Grover and Ms. Indira Jaising

11 July 2019

Inde:  Government should withdraw criminal charges against NGO ‘Lawyers Collective’ and its representatives

26 June 2019

Inde:  Criminal case filed against Lawyers Collective and its representatives including Mr. Anand Grover

21 June 2019

Inde:  New acts of harassment against Ms. Indira Jaising, Mr. Anand Grover and the Lawyers Collective

16 May 2019

Inde:  Acts of harassment and intimidation against Ms. Shila Bewa

8 February 2019

Inde:  Acts of harassment and intimidation against several members of MASUM

8 February 2019

Inde:  Judicial harassment against Messrs. Hiren Gohain, Akhil Gogoi and Manjit Mahanta

15 January 2019

Inde:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. S. Vanchinathan

29 June 2018

Inde:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harrassment of ?Mr. Surendra Gadling, Mr. Rona Wilson, Mr. Sudhir Dhawale, Ms. Shoma Sen and Mr. Mahesh Raut

19 June 2018

Inde:  Repression of a peaceful protest resulting in the death of 13 protesters in Thoothukudi District, Tamil Nadu

25 May 2018

Inde:  Arbitrary detention of Dalit rights defender Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan in Uttar Pradesh

17 May 2018

Inde:  Acts of harassment and death threats against Ms. Swathi Vadlamudi

20 April 2018

Inde:  Acts of intimidation and harassment against Ms. Salima Memcha, EEVFAM Thoubal District Coordinator

10 April 2018