Surveillance des mécanismes de protection

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Slovaquie:  Joint Open Letter by 36 organisations calls on bill restricting reproductive rights not to be adopted

18 November 2019  |  Slovaquie

Chine:  Respect for rule of law should be the rule, not the exception

9 September 2019  |  Chine

Turquie:  Joint Statement: Release Güldane K?l?ç immediately!

30 August 2019  |  Turquie

Bangladesh:  Human rights groups urge government to implement recommendations on torture and other abuses after damning UN review

14 August 2019  |   Communiqués de presse, Mécanismes de protection de suivi  |  Bangladesh

Inde:  Call on government to immediately reinstate fundamental freedoms in Jammu & Kashmir

13 August 2019  |   Campagnes d'urgence, Mécanismes de protection de suivi  |  Inde

Guatemala:  Joint Open Letter: A call for action to stop legislative initiatives to amend the National Reconciliation Law and the Law on NGOs for Development

22 March 2019  |  Guatemala

Espagne:  Open Letter: End the arbitrary pre-trial detention of social leader Mr. Jordi Cuixart

22 November 2018  |  Espagne

Bangladesh:  Joint letter to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michele Bachelet, on the deteriorating human rights situation in Bangladesh

1 November 2018  |  Bangladesh

Campagne pour le OUI au vote du Parlement européen sur la situation en HONGRIE - Lettre ouverte à Laurent Wauquie

11 September 2018  |  Hongrie, Union Européenne (UE)

Azerbaïdjan:  Civil society call on PACE to appoint a Rapporteur to examine the issue of political prisoners in Azerbaijan

13 June 2018  |  Azerbaïdjan

Nicaragua:  Carta abierta a la Unión Europea y sus Estados miembro sobre la crisis de los derechos humanos en Nicaragua.

27 April 2018  |  Nicaragua

Joint Public Statement: No more “business as usual”: Scale of ongoing Myanmar human rights crisis demands an urgent, strong and unified EU response

19 February 2018  |  Myanmar (ex-Birmanie), Union Européenne (UE)

Honduras:  Open letter to the European Union and its Member States on the worrying human rights situation in Honduras during the post-electoral period.

7 February 2018  |  Honduras

Honduras:  Estado hondureño continúa la violación de derechos humanos, denuncian organizaciones internacionales

25 January 2018  |  Honduras

Joint statement by European NGOs: No EU trade agreement with Mexico without ex-ante sustainability impact assessment!

18 December 2017  |  Mexique, Union Européenne (UE)