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Fighting for respect for human rights is a high-risk activity, and groups and individuals in more than 80 countries who commit themselves to this struggle are often targeted by State authorities and private groups. Human rights defenders are victims of threats, attacks, arrests, arbitrary detentions and acts of torture. Since its creation, OMCT has been a pioneer in the protection of human rights defenders by denouncing the repression to which they are subjected. In 1997, OMCT established the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in partnership with the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH). This unique collaboration is based on the complementary approaches of the two organisations and makes full and profitable use of their respective NGO networks. In 2007, OMCT established « Defend the defenders », a sponsorship project with Swiss personalities aiming at mobilising public opinion, the only counterweight to the arbitrary power of States. [Read more…]


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India:  Police harassment of four human rights defenders for criticising the management of COVID-19 pandemic in Manipur State

April 8, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  India

Venezuela:  Release and ongoing judicial harassment of Mr. Darvinson Rojas

April 7, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Venezuela

China:  Human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang put on compulsory quarantine upon his release

April 7, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  China

Philippines:  Immediately release Filipino political prisoners and end detention and ill-treatment of curfew violators

April 6, 2020  |   Human Rights Defenders, Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Statements  |  Philippines

Myanmar (ex-Burma):  Arbitrary detention of Mr. Nay Myo Lin and judicial harassment of five other journalists

April 3, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Myanmar (ex-Burma)

Venezuela:  Detención arbitraria, malos tratos y criminalización contra Henderson Maldonado, abogado del Movimiento Vinotinto

April 3, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Venezuela

Guatemala:  Cesen los ataques a periodistas - Pronunciamiento conjunto

April 3, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Guatemala

Turkey:  Judicial harassment of Ms. Nurcan Baysal

April 2, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Turkey

Guinea:  Intimidation acts against Mr. Ibrahima Diallo

April 2, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Guinea

India:  Joint statement - Arbitrarily detained Kashmiri prisoners must be freed

April 1, 2020  |   Human Rights Defenders, Monitoring Protection Mechanisms  |  Statements  |  India

Kyrgyzstan:  Joint letter: Call for the release of Azimjon Askarov

March 31, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Kyrgyzstan

Colombia:  Asesinato de la defensora Carlota Isabel Salinas Pérez

March 31, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Colombia

Thailand:  End judicial harassment of human rights defenders, repeal criminal defamation laws

March 30, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Thailand

Egypt:  Ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Ibrahim Ezz El-Din

March 27, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Egypt

Egypt:  Judicial harassment of Mr. Bahey el-Din Hassan, CIHRS Director

March 27, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Egypt