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Armenia:  Arbitrary arrest and subsequent release of several environmental rights defenders

August 14, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Armenia:  Ongoing judicial harassment and defamation campaign against environmental defenders by the mining company Lydian Armenia

May 24, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Armenia:  Acquittal of human rights defender Arshaluys Hakobian

February 16, 2010  |  Urgent Interventions

Armenia:  Joint Press Release: Human Rights Defender released

October 20, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Armenia:  Deep concern over ill-treatments against a human rights defender while in arbitrary detention

June 12, 2009  |  Urgent Interventions

Armenia:  Armenia: Open letter to the President of the Republic, M. Robert Kotcharian

March 28, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions