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Greece:  Acts of intimidation against Panayote Dimitras as well as the reprisals against two Greek Roma families he represents in front of the UN Human Rights Committee

July 29, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Judicial harassment against Mr. Panayote Dimitras

August 7, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Ongoing arbitrary restriction to freedom of movement of minority rights defender Slavko Mangovski

March 6, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Smear Campaigns and new threats against Advocates Abroad and its Executive Director Ariel Ricker

November 29, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Physical attacks and threats against refugee rights defender Ms. Ariel Ricker

May 22, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Break-in and arson attack of the Afghan Community Centre and threats targeting the Hellenic League for Human Rights by an extreme right-wing group

March 30, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Impunity regarding the attacks perpetrated in December 2016 against minority human rights defenders

February 21, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  35th Session of the UN Human Rights Council: Written submission on the situation of minority rights defenders in Greece

May 25, 2017  |  Reports and Publications

Greece:  Attacks to freedom of assembly, threats and harassment against minority rights defenders by the Golden Dawn far-right party

January 6, 2017  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Ongoing judicial and police harassment against the human right lawyer Electra Koutra

December 8, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Continuous acts of harassment against minority rights defenders

November 18, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Acts of harassment against defenders working on the rights of minorities in Greece, including the arbitrary detention for a night and expulsion from Greece of Mr. Mustafa Kaymakç?

October 26, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions

Greece:  Ongoing crackdown on civil society providing humanitarian assistance to migrants and asylum seekers

April 27, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions

Freedom of Assembly under Threat: Muzzling dissent in the Euro-Mediterranean region

December 11, 2014  |  Reports and Publications  |  Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, European Union (EU), France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territory , Poland, Serbia , Spain, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, Western Sahara

Greece:  Ongoing judicial harassment against human rights defender Mr. Panayote Dimitras

January 30, 2014  |  Urgent Interventions