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Iran:  Deterioration of Ms. Nasrin Sotoudeh’s health while in detention and arbitrary arrest of her daughter

August 21, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Amid heightened risk of COVID-19 in detention facilities, all human rights defenders must be immediately released

August 13, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Ms. Narges Mohammadi likely to have contracted COVID-19 in Zanjan prison

July 16, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Arbitrary detention of labour rights activist Ms. Sepideh Gholian

June 26, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Enforced disappearance of human rights lawyer Mr. Payam Derafshan

June 16, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Continuing judicial harassment of Ms. Narges Mohammadi

March 20, 2020  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Conviction of 12 labour rights defenders and arbitrary detention of two of them

December 20, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Conviction on appeal of three labour rights defenders and four journalists

December 19, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Release on bail of 5 labour rights defenders and ongoing arbitrary detention of Ms. Asal Mohammadi

October 30, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Sentencing of seven human rights defenders to long-term prison terms

September 12, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Sentencing of Mses. Saba Kord-Afshari, Yassman Aryani, Monireh Arabshahi and Mojgan Keshavarz, four women’s rights defenders

September 2, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  New report documents the systematic criminalisation of human rights defenders

August 20, 2019  |  Reports and Publications

Iran:  Deterioration of the medical condition of Ms. Narges Mohammadi

June 11, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Sentencing of human rights lawyer Amir Salar Davoodi

June 6, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions

Iran:  Ongoing judicial harassment against human rights lawyers Mr. Amir Salar Davoodi and Mr. Mohammad Najafi

April 19, 2019  |  Urgent Interventions