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Israel: conscientious objectors released

September 27, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Israeli conscientious objectors receive reduced sentences

July 20, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Israel:  Israel: Jonathan Ben Artzi sentenced to another 2 months in prison

April 23, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Israel:  Israel: Mission report

March 31, 2004  |  Reports and Publications

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: mission report

March 25, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Israel:  Israel : Interior Minister cancels investigation into the organization “Adalah”

February 19, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Israel : The detention of the Refuzniks is arbitrary says the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

January 20, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions

Israel:  Israel : sentence of one year imprisonment pronounced against five Israeli conscientious objectors

January 5, 2004  |  Urgent Interventions