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Mexico:  Assassination of Mr. Luis Olivares Enríquez and Ms. Ana Lilia Gatica Rómulo, leader and member of OPPCG

November 14, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Assassination of Ms. Rocio Mesino Mesino, leader of the Peasant Organization of the Southern Sierra (OCSS)

October 22, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Alta preocupación por la situación de los defensores del derecho a la tierra y al medio ambiente en el Estado de Oaxaca

October 7, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Search of the offices of the Human Rights Center Juan Gerardi A.C.

September 11, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  On the anniversary of the publication of the Law for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, International Organisations call on Mexico to effectively implement the National Protection Mechanism

June 26, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Acts of harassment, surveillance and threats against Ms. Cristina Auerbach, a member of an NGO located in the State of Coahuila

April 12, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Allanamiento de las oficinas del Centro de Derechos Humanos de las Mujeres (CEDEHM)

April 9, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Burglary and robbery against the headquarters of Código-DH

April 5, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  World Governments restrict human rights defenders' access to funding

March 11, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions

Mexico:  Threats, assaults, defamation and theft against members of Belén Migrant Shelter

January 10, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions