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Nigeria:   Defending Human Rights: Not Everywhere, Not Every Right

May 11, 2010  |  Reports and Publications

Nigeria:  Publication of an international fact-finding mission report on the situation of human rights defenders in Nigeria

May 11, 2010  |  Urgent Interventions

Nigeria:  Assassination of Mr. Alhaji Saula Saka

January 16, 2008  |  Urgent Interventions

Nigeria:  Nigeria: Dismissal of Mr. Bukhari Bello as Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission

June 23, 2006  |  Urgent Interventions

Nigeria:  Nigeria: New Bill puts human rights defenders of sexual rights at risk

April 7, 2006  |  Urgent Interventions

Nigeria:  Nigeria: Harassment of Mr. Chidi Odinkalu

August 5, 2005  |  Urgent Interventions

Nigeria:  Nigeria : The Consulting Centre for Constitutional Rights and Justice attacked

November 14, 2003  |  Urgent Interventions

'Nigeria: Continuous harassment against human rights defenders

December 10, 2002  |  Urgent Interventions  |  Niger, Nigeria

Nigeria:  'Nigeria: Arrest/Legal proceedings

April 26, 2000  |  Urgent Interventions

Nigeria:  Nigeria: attack and grave threats

April 18, 2000  |  Urgent Interventions