Human rights defenders

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Algeria:  Zoom sur le Hirak

September 4, 2020  |  Algeria

Turkey:  Report: Attack on Freedom of Assembly Undermines Work of Human Rights Defenders

July 29, 2020  |  Turkey

Cambodia:  Cambodian Civil Society Faces Intensified Restrictions and Rights Abuses

July 9, 2020  |  Cambodia

Venezuela:  “Internal enemies” – the open season on human rights defenders

March 10, 2020  |  Venezuela

Honduras:  ?La justicia hondureña en deuda: Organizaciones presentan hallazgos sobre acceso a justicia en caso Berta Cáceres

February 11, 2020  |  Honduras

Colombia:  [New report] Chronicle of a prosecution foretold – human rights defenders or defendants?

December 12, 2019  |  Colombia

Iran:  New report documents the systematic criminalisation of human rights defenders

August 20, 2019  |  Iran

Tajikistan:  Their last stand? How human rights defenders are being squeezed out in Tajikistan

July 1, 2019  |  Tajikistan

Human Rights Organizations urge the UN Human Rights Council to hold Saudi Arabia accountable

June 26, 2019  |   Human Rights Defenders, Violence against women

Russian Federation:  The trial and conviction of Oyub Titiev: A travesty of justice and a dire warning to human rights defenders to stop documenting the abysmal human rights situation in Chechnya

June 21, 2019  |  Russian Federation

Thailand:  Thammakaset must end its judicial harassment of human rights defenders

May 23, 2019  |  Thailand

Peru:  Stop Criminalizing Land Rights Defenders for Protesting against the Las Bambas Mining Project

May 20, 2019  |  Peru

Assisting survivors of torture

May 6, 2019  |   Assistance to victims, Human Rights Defenders

Ethiopia:  The 2019 CSO Law: Winds of change for human rights defenders in Ethiopia?

April 19, 2019  |  Ethiopia

Iran:  Joint submission to the UPR details dire situation of human rights defenders

March 29, 2019  |  Iran