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Guinea-Bissau:  report of an international fact-finding mission - GUINEA-BISSAU: A Detrimental Environment to the Work of Human Rights Defenders

November 10, 2008  |  Guinea-Bissau

Publication of the Annual Report 2007 of the Observatory - Steadfast in Protest

September 10, 2008

Malaysia:  MALAYSIA: report of an international mission of judicial observation: Mortgaging freedom for security: Arbitrary detention of five HINDRAF leaders

May 28, 2008  |  Malaysia

Zimbabwe:  mission report: ZIMBABWE: Run up to the March 29 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections - A Highly Repressive Environment for Human Rights Defenders

March 19, 2008  |  Zimbabwe

Cambodia:  International fact-finding mission report: Defending Economic and Social Rights in Cambodia: A High-Risk Activity

February 20, 2008  |  Cambodia