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Open letter (in German) to the President of the Swiss Confederation on the occasion of his meeting with President Duque

June 20, 2019  |  Colombia, Switzerland

Colombia:  Gustavo Gallón: Striving for peace, human rights and justice

December 22, 2016

Colombia:  Caso Claudia Duque: Un precedente mundial por la búsqueda de justicia

March 1, 2016  |   Human Rights Defenders, Urgent campaigns

Colombia:  Theft of information from home of CCEEU Coordinator

October 27, 2015

Colombia:  Carta abierta conjunta a las autoridades colombianas ante los graves incidentes producidos en contra de la Sra. Yessika Hoyos, sus familiares y otros miembros de la CCAJAR

September 25, 2015

Colombia:  Joint Declaration: International organisations express their concern on the fifth anniversary of the detention of David Ravelo Crespo, a prominent Colombian human rights defender

September 25, 2015

Attack to the freedom of expression of a human rights defender in EuroLat

June 5, 2015  |  Colombia, European Union (EU)

Colombia:  Pronunciamiento Conjunto: Oidhaco: Inadmisibles Acusaciones contra Defensor de Derechos Humanos

May 20, 2015

Colombia:  Increasing death threats, acts of harassment and persecution against human rights defenders

March 13, 2015

Colombia:  Joint open letter on the case of Mr. David Ravelo Crespo

November 4, 2014

Colombia:  Note on the situation of Human Rights Defenders in Colombia

September 22, 2009