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Uganda:  Three break-ins of the non-governmental organisation Twerwaneho Listeners Club’s office premises in Fort Portal

September 17, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Break-in of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF)’s premises

February 12, 2018  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Administrative harassment faced by several NGOs

October 20, 2017  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Authorities attempt to silence human rights organisations ahead of constitutional amendment

September 25, 2017  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Shooting of Mr. James Rukanpana and judicial harassment of four other TLC members

September 21, 2017  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Murder of Mr. Erasmus Irumba, Coordinator of the Twerwaneho Listeners Club (TLC)

July 5, 2017  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Press Release: Police raids Uganda Pride event, arrests several human rights defenders and assaults participants

August 9, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Burglary of the Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum (HRAPF)

May 25, 2016  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Dismissal of charges against Mr. Gerald Kankya

July 3, 2015  |  Urgent Interventions

29th Session Human Rights Council: Statement for interactive dialogue with SR on Peaceful Assembly and Association

June 18, 2015  |  Statements  |  Angola, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Cambodia, China, Egypt, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Russian Federation, South Sudan, Sudan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda

Uganda:  Court dismisses case against prominent human rights defender Gerald Kankya

May 27, 2015  |  Statements

Intervention to the 56th session of the African Commission for Human and Peoples' Rights

April 30, 2015  |  Statements  |  Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic, Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Mauritania, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Uganda

Uganda:  Arbitrary detention and release of Mr. Gerald Kankya

March 27, 2015  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Assault against Messrs. Gerald Kankya and Simon Amanyire, staff members of the Twerwaneho Listeners Club (TLC)

February 13, 2015  |  Urgent Interventions

Uganda:  Uganda’s Constitutional Court should repeal the Public Order Management Act as unconstitutional

December 19, 2013  |  Urgent Interventions