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Russian Federation:  Russia: open letter to President Putin

December 26, 2001  |  Russian Federation

Colombia:  Colombia: kidnapping by paramilitaries of Aury Sará Marrugo, President of the Unión Sindical Obrera (USO), section Cartagena.

December 4, 2001  |  Colombia

Tanzania:  Tanzania: Ransacking of the offices of an environmental organization

November 30, 2001  |  Tanzania

Colombia:  Colombia: extrajudiciary execution of indigenous leaders

November 30, 2001  |  Colombia

Colombia:  Colombia: harassment on members of the Asociación Campesina del Valle del Río Cimitarra

November 29, 2001  |  Colombia

Georgia:  Georgia: Robbery of the NGO “For the Protection of Human Rights and Rights of Prisoners of Georgia”

November 29, 2001  |  Georgia

Colombia:  Colombia: new threats against members of the OFP

November 28, 2001  |  Colombia

Morocco:  Marocco: acquittal in 36 defenders' trial

November 23, 2001  |  Morocco

Turkey:  Turkey: Attack on the IHD office in Istanbul

November 21, 2001  |  Turkey

The OSCE and Human Right Defenders: The need for effective protection

November 20, 2001

Nepal:  'Nepal: arbitrary arrest and detention of Mr. S.K. Pradham

November 16, 2001  |  Nepal

Nicaragua:  Nicaragua: defenders harassed in the context of elections

November 16, 2001  |  Nicaragua

Syrian Arab Republic:  Syrie: harassment of Mr. Aktham Naisseh

November 15, 2001  |  Syrian Arab Republic

Colombia:  Colombia: Harassment of the OFP

November 15, 2001  |  Colombia

Ecuador:  Ecuador: open letter to the President of the Republic

November 6, 2001  |  Ecuador