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Chile:  Chile: Arbitrary detention y harassment against Ms. Juana Calfunao

December 28, 2005  |  Chile

Lebanon:  Lebanon: Acts of slandering and intimidation against Mr. Ghassan Abdallah

December 27, 2005  |  Lebanon

Colombia:  Colombia: Special appeal September-October 2005

December 22, 2005  |  Colombia

Cameroon:  Cameroon: Judicial proceedings against Mr. Adama Mal-Sali

December 22, 2005  |  Cameroon

Djibouti:  Djibouti: Appeal trial against 12 trade unionists

December 22, 2005  |  Djibouti

Mexico:  Mexico: Arbitrary detention and judicial proceedings against Ms. Lydia Cacho Ribeiro

December 20, 2005  |  Mexico

Congo, Democratic Republic:  Congo (DRC): Death threats against four members of JED

December 20, 2005  |  Congo, Democratic Republic

Russian Federation:  Russian Federation: Amendment Bill of the Federal Act on Civil Associations

December 16, 2005  |  Russian Federation

Chile: Judicial proceedings against Mrs. Myriam Reyes García

December 15, 2005  |  Chile

Mexico:  Mexico: Presumed forced disappearance of Mr. Diego Bahena Armenta

December 15, 2005  |  Mexico

Belarus: New amendments to the Criminal Code put NGOs at risk

December 14, 2005  |  Belarus

Argentina:  Argentina: Threats against Mr. Rodolfo Yanzón

December 13, 2005  |  Argentina

Chile:  Chile: Threats against Ms. July Palomino and Messrs. Diego Carrasco and Cesar Mamani

December 13, 2005  |  Chile

Argentina:  Argentina: Harassement against members of the Ecumenical Movement of Human Rights

December 12, 2005  |  Argentina

Iran: Arbitrary detention of Mr. Abdolfattah Soltani

December 12, 2005  |  Iran