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Nepal:  Nepal: Arbitrary arrest and subsequent release of 10 defenders

November 30, 2005  |  Nepal

Colombia:  Colombia: Special appeal July-August 2005

November 30, 2005  |  Colombia

Chad:  Chad: Release of Mr. Tchanguiz Vathankha

November 30, 2005  |  Chad

Chad:  Chad: Arbitrary detention and fear of expulsino of Mr. Tchanguiz Vathankha

November 25, 2005  |  Chad

Mexico:  Mexico: Assassination attempt against Mr. Gustavo Jiménez Pérez

November 25, 2005  |  Mexico

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Break-in in the Women Association Ixqik

November 24, 2005  |  Guatemala

Viet Nam:  Vietnam: Acts of harassment and intimidation against Mr. Hoang Minh Chinh

November 24, 2005  |  Viet Nam

Brazil:  Brazil: Assassination of Mr. Pedro Laurindo da Silva

November 24, 2005  |  Brazil

Thailand: Open letter: Trial of suspects in the enforced disappearance of Mr. Somchai Neelapaijit

November 24, 2005  |  Thailand

Colombia:  Colombia: Assassination of Mr. Arlen Salas David

November 22, 2005  |  Colombia

Israel:  Israel: Renewal of the administrative detention order of Mr. Ziyad Hmeidan

November 21, 2005  |  Israel

The Observatory: Newsletter n°35: October 2005

November 19, 2005

Russian Federation:  Russia: Judicial proceedings against RCFS

November 18, 2005  |  Russian Federation

Bolivia:  Bolivia: Arbitrary detention of Mr. Francisco Cortés Aguilar

November 17, 2005  |  Bolivia

Iran:  Iran: Condemnation of five trade unionists and acquittal of two others

November 16, 2005  |  Iran