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Russian Federation:  Acts of violence against Ms. Valentina Uzunova, a lawyer and Russian expert on racial issues and hate crimes

June 29, 2007  |  Russian Federation

Honduras:  Serious harassment against members of an NGO advocating for prison reform

June 29, 2007  |  Honduras

New decree seriously infriges freedom of association

June 26, 2007  |  Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory

China:  Acts of ill-treatment against Mr. Chen Guangcheng, arbitrarily detained

June 22, 2007  |  China

Ongoing travel restrictions imposed on Mr. Shawan Jabarin

June 22, 2007  |  Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Cambodia:  Death threats against Mr. Lem Piseth

June 22, 2007  |  Cambodia

Malaysia:  Arbitrary detention and subsequent release on bail of Mr. Nyam Kee Han and Mr. See Siew Min

June 22, 2007  |  Malaysia

Holy See (Vatican):  Cardinal Martino's statement puts activities of Amnesty International, and of all NGOs defending sexual and reproductive rights, at risk

June 22, 2007  |  Holy See (Vatican)

Algeria:  Harassment acts against Mr. Sofiane Chouiter, a member of SOS-Disappeared

June 21, 2007  |  Algeria

Tunisia:  Ongoing acts of harassment against human rights defenders

June 15, 2007  |  Tunisia

Georgia:  Arbitrary detention of three members of the

June 14, 2007  |  Georgia

Colombia:  Threats against several NGOs and human rights defenders in Nariño

June 11, 2007  |  Colombia

Zimbabwe:  Release on bail of Ms. Jenni Williams and Ms. Magodonga Mahlangu

June 11, 2007  |  Zimbabwe

Nepal:  Threats and acts of harassment against WOREC members

June 11, 2007  |  Nepal

Zimbabwe:  Release of and judicial proceedings against five of the seven WOZA members / Ongoing arbitrary detention of two others

June 8, 2007  |  Zimbabwe