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Algeria:  Algeria: Pre-trial release of Mr. Hafnaoui Ghoul

December 1, 2004

Algeria:  Algeria: Releases

October 7, 2004

Algeria:  Algeria: Obstacles to the freedom of demonstration / Detentions / Ill-treatment

October 5, 2004

Algeria:  Algeria: New Information: Release of Ms. Louisa Saker and of Mr. Hmamlia

September 21, 2004

Algeria:  Algeria: New Information: Arrest of Ms. Louisa Saker and interference with the freedom of demonstration

September 20, 2004

Algeria: New Information on judgments in the case of human rights defender and press correspondent Mr. Hafnaoui Ghoul

August 10, 2004

Algeria: legal proceedings / Condemnations

August 6, 2004

Algeria:  Algeria: threats and judicial harassment of Mr. Hafnoui El Ghoul

May 27, 2004

Algeria: legal procedings against Mr. Mohamed Smaïn

May 19, 2004

Algeria: harassment of two witnesses

April 14, 2004