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Algeria:  Families of disappeared ill-treated during a demonstration on the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights

December 13, 2012

Algeria:  The exercise of freedom of association still hampered

November 9, 2012

Algeria:  Yacine Zaïd relased but increase in suspended sentences against defenders

October 10, 2012

Algeria:  Judicial harassment of Mr. Belgacem Rachedi

October 5, 2012

Algeria:  Arbitrary detention of Mr Yacine Zaïd

October 4, 2012

Algeria:  Court considers itself incompetent to take up legal proceedings against three defenders

September 28, 2012

Algeria:  Abdelkader Kherba acquitted but defenders still judicially harassed

September 12, 2012

Algeria:  Arrest and new trial of Mr Abdelkader Kherba while judicial harassment of other defenders continue

September 7, 2012

Algeria:  Release of Mohamed Smaïn

July 9, 2012

Algeria:  Arrest of human rights defender Mohamed Smain

June 21, 2012

Algeria:  Sentencing of Mr. Abdelkader Kherba

May 3, 2012

Algeria:  Arbitrary arrest of at least seven persons and ongoing judicial harassment of Mr. Abdelkader Kherba

April 26, 2012

Algeria:  Harassment against those who struggle for human rights must stop!

April 25, 2012

Algeria:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. Abdelkader Kherba

April 19, 2012

Algeria:  Risk of imminent arrest of human rights defender Mohamed Smain

March 2, 2012