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Bahrain:  Bahrain: Sentencing and release of Mr. al-Khawaja, persisting ban of BCHR

November 26, 2004

Bahrain:  Bahrain: Arbitrary arrests during a protest

October 29, 2004

Bahrain:  Bahrain: Another unconstitutional trial of Mr. Al-Khawaja

October 28, 2004

Bahrain:  Bahrain: harassment against the BCHR continues

October 1, 2004

Bahrain: The order to dissolve the BCHR was issued by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

September 30, 2004

Bahrain:  Bahrain: Head of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights in detention

September 27, 2004

Bahrain: Threats to shut down human rights NGO

July 8, 2004