Human rights defenders

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Chile:  Chile: Arbitrary detention y harassment against Ms. Juana Calfunao

December 28, 2005

Chile: Judicial proceedings against Mrs. Myriam Reyes García

December 15, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Threats against Ms. July Palomino and Messrs. Diego Carrasco and Cesar Mamani

December 13, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Attack and Harassment against Mapuche Leader Juana Calfunao Paillalef

July 28, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Acquittal of Mapuche Leaders Accused of Terrorist Association

July 27, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Trial of Mapuche Leaders accused of terrorism

July 12, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Trial of Mapuche leaders on charges of illicit terrorist association

July 12, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Open letter: Mapuche leaders and defenders prosecuted

April 19, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Harassment and judicial proceedings against Mapuche leader Mr Juan Pichún

February 11, 2005

Chile:  Chile: Judicial harassment of the Mapuche leader Juan Pichún

February 11, 2005