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China:  New sentencing of Mr. Chen Guangcheng / Harassment of lawyers and key witnesses

December 1, 2006

China:  Acts of harassment against Mr. Gao Zhisheng's relatives

December 1, 2006

China:  Incommunicado detention of Mr. Gao Zhisheng

November 17, 2006

China:  Overturn of Mr. Chen Guangcheng's sentencing and re-trial

November 3, 2006

China:  Sentencing and arbitrary detention of Mr. Li Jianping

October 26, 2006

China:  China: Further acts of harassment against Mr. Zheng Enchong

October 17, 2006

China:  China: Sentencing of Mr. Chen Guangcheng

September 1, 2006

China:  China: Press release about judicial proceedings against the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions

July 28, 2006

China:  China: House arrest and harassment against Mr. Zheng Enchong

June 30, 2006

China:  China: Arbitrary detention and acts of harassment against Mr. Liu Zhengyou

June 26, 2006

China:  China: New acts of harassment against Mrs. Mao Hengfeng and Mrs. Ma Yalian

June 7, 2006

China:  China: Release of Mr. Zheng Enchong

June 7, 2006

China:  China: Special procedures imposed on the release of Mr. Zheng Enchong

June 2, 2006

China:  China: Ongoing harassment against Mr. Zheng Enchong's wife, Mrs. Jiang Meili

May 19, 2006

China: Arbitrary detention of Mr. Wang Xiaoning

May 3, 2006