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China:  Open letter to Mr. Hu Jintao: Recent crackdown on human rights defenders in the People’s Republic of China

December 12, 2008

China:  Enforced disappearance of Messrs. Chen Xi, Shen Youlian, Liao Suangyuan, Huang Yanming and Du Heping

December 8, 2008

China:  Release of Mrs. Mao Hengfeng!

December 4, 2008

China:  Sentencing of Mr. Chen Daojun to three years in prison and deprivation of his political rights

November 25, 2008

China:  Police threats against Messrs. Chen Xi, Shen Youlian and Liao Xuangyuan

November 17, 2008

China:  Harassment acts against Mr. Liu Xueli, an activist and petitioner against forced evictions

November 14, 2008

China:  Ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Guo Feixiong

November 5, 2008

China:  While the Observatory applauds the attribution of the Sakharov Prize to Mr. Hu Jia, the situation of human rights defenders continues to warrant concrete action

October 24, 2008

China:  A group of voluntary lawyers in contaminated milk scandal pressured to give up support to victims

October 1, 2008

China:  Mr. Liu Shaokun released to serve his RTL sentence outside of labour camp

September 29, 2008

China:  Sentencing of Ms. Wang Xiaoqiao to one year imprisonment

August 26, 2008

China:  Return of Mrs. Zeng Jinyan to Beijing / Ongoing arbitrary detention and ill-treatments of Mr. Hu Jia

August 26, 2008

China:  Sentencing of Mr. Liu Shaokun to one year of Re-education Through Labour (TRL)

July 30, 2008

China:  Extension of the arbitrary detention of Mr. Ye Guozhu

July 25, 2008

China:  Mr. Huang Qi formally arrested for ''illegal possession of State secrets''

July 22, 2008