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Colombia:  New threats against several members of MOVICE

December 24, 2014

Colombia:  Killing of Mr. Nelson Medina Ortega

October 29, 2014

Colombia:  Death threats against 88 human rights defenders in Colombia including Mrs. Jahel Quiroga

September 10, 2014

Colombia:  Harassment and threats to leaders of the CPDH

August 26, 2014

Colombia:  Threats against MOVICE members Ms. Marta Díaz, Ms. Yesenia Pérez, Ms. Leslie Orozco and Messrs. Juan David Díaz, Andrés Navárez and Gerlin Vergara

June 25, 2014

Colombia:  Attack against Mr. José Ernesto Reyes and the headquarters of SINTRAEMCALI

June 5, 2014

Colombia:  Assassination of Mr. Faustino Acevedo, well-known peasant leader and President of Asocomunal

April 25, 2014

Colombia:  Death threats against AFAVIT members Mr. Orlando Naranjo and Sister Maritze Trigos Torres

April 3, 2014

Colombia:  Death threats against Mr. Danilo Rueda and further acts of harassment against members of CIJP

March 31, 2014

Colombia:  International organisations request that attention be paid to the case against David Ravelo

March 10, 2014

Colombia:  New death threats against women human rights defenders Marta Diaz and Rosario Arroyo

February 27, 2014

Colombia:  Death threats against human rights defender Ms. Marta Díaz

February 13, 2014