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Ecuador:  Indulto y liberación de Pepe Acacho Gonzalez

October 11, 2018

Ecuador:  Continuación de la criminalización del Sr. José (Pepe) Acacho González

March 5, 2018

Ecuador:  Jimpikit Agustín Wachapá Atsasu released after 4 months of arbitrary detention but his criminalisation is ongoing

April 27, 2017

Ecuador:  Arbitrary detention of indigenous leader Jimpikit Agustín Wachapá Atsasu

April 14, 2017

Ecuador:  Open Letter to the Presidential Candidates: Commit to abrogate the decrees that alow for NGOs to be dissolved

January 19, 2017

Ecuador:  Decisión arbitraria de disolución de la ONG Acción Ecológica

December 22, 2016

Ecuador:  Press Release: Manuel and Manuela innocent of charges of terrorism!

January 27, 2016

Ecuador:  Press Release: Human rights defenders are not terrorists

January 15, 2016

Ecuador:  Ecuador must lift the decision to dissolve the Pachamama Foundation

December 6, 2013

Ecuador:  Sentencing of Messrs. José (Pepe) Acacho González and Pedro Mashiant Chamik to 12 years in prison

September 11, 2013

Ecuador:  Ongoing judicial harassment against Mr. José (Pepe) Acacho González and other indigenous leaders

July 12, 2013

Ecuador:  Ongoing criminalisation of defenders in the Quimsacocha

October 2, 2012

Ecuador:  Continued detention and judicial harassment against Mr. Marco Guatemal

November 10, 2011

Ecuador:  Judicial harassment against Mr. Marco Guatemal

May 27, 2011

Ecuador:  Judicial harassment against indigenous leaders Marlon Santí and Delfín Tenesaca

March 8, 2011