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Egypt:  AHRLA finally authorised to be officially re-registered!

October 28, 2008

Egypt:  Death threats against Messrs. Nasser Amine and Hammad Wadi Sannd

October 27, 2008

Egypt:  Assault and intimidation acts against Mr. Mohamed Bayoumi

August 19, 2008

Egypt:  Ministry of Social Solidarity announces the reopening of CTUWS

June 20, 2008

Egypt:  The EIPR prevented from participating in a UN meeting

June 13, 2008

Egypt:  Freedom of association must be concretely implemented

May 21, 2008

Egypt:  Assault against Ms. Magda Adly / Intimidation acts against Ms. Mona Hamed

May 7, 2008

Egypt:  Positive Step towards the Respect of Freedom of Association in Egypt but Concerns Remain

April 2, 2008

Egypt:  Repeal of the sentence issued against Messrs. Kamal Abbas and Mohamed Helmy

March 4, 2008

Egypt:  Serious concerns over restrictions to the freedom of movement of judges Hisham Bastawissi and Ashraf El-Baroudi

February 7, 2008