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Guatemala:  Guatemala: Murder of trade-union leader Julio Rolando Roquec, FESTRI

December 2, 2004

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Illegal search of two social organizations: “Casa del Migrante” y “Paz y Tercer Mundo”.

September 24, 2004

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Assault, temporary kidnapping and harassment against member of the CALDH

September 16, 2004

Guatemala:  Guatemala: death threats against trade union leader

July 22, 2004

Guatemala: Threats of death against a trade-union leader

July 7, 2004

Guatemala: violation of the right to life of Hugo Oswaldo Gutiérrez

June 10, 2004

Guatemala:  Guatemala: arbitrary arrest of Mr. Victoriano Zacarías Mindezy, Mr. Wilson Carreto and Mr. Miguel Angel Ochoa

March 17, 2004

Guatemala:  Guatemala: court acquits Bruce Harris

February 2, 2004

Guatemala: Trial against Bruce Harris

January 23, 2004