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Guatemala:  Guatemala: Break-in in the Women Association Ixqik

November 24, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Threats against trade union leaders of STCHN

August 4, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Assassination of Mr. Álvaro Juárez / Death threats against Mr. Francisco Javier Mateo and Mrs. Candelaria Ramírez

August 3, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Threats and harassment of René Muñoz, CONGCOOP

July 27, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Threats against CEIBA and its coordinator Mario Godínez

July 12, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Death threats against Mr. José Ernesto Menchú

June 27, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Harassment of CALDH members

June 27, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Search at CNOC headquarters

May 13, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Threats and harassment against defenders in Sololá

April 21, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Harassment of Ms Sara Poroj of GAM

February 9, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Grave threats against Monsignor Ramazzini

February 3, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Open letter: Threat of arrest of indigenous mayor of Sololá Ms Dominga Vásquez

February 3, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Break-in, stealing of information and harassment of H.I.J.O.S

January 14, 2005

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Mr Leonel García Acuña threatened and attacked at San Miguel Pochuta

January 13, 2005