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Guatemala:  Guatemala: Threats and harassmenta against Mr. Roly Bigail Escobar Ochoa

September 29, 2006

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Death threats against Mr. Maynor Roberto Berganza Bethancourt

September 5, 2006

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Kidnapping of Mr. Erwin Estuardo Orrego Borrayo

August 2, 2006

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Aggression and intimidation of Casa Alianza members

June 16, 2006

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Search of the headquarters of the two NGOs "Sector de Mujeres" and UNAMAG

June 9, 2006

Guatemala: Death threats against members of MNDH and UPDDH

May 17, 2006

Guatemala: Assassination of Mrs. Meregilda Súchite, Mrs. María Petzey Coo and Mr. Antonio Ixbalan Cali

April 10, 2006

Guatemala:  Guatemala: Assassination attempt against Messrs. Mario Corado Solórzano Puac and Abner Alexander Solórzano Contreras

February 27, 2006