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Guatemala:  Threats against Mr. Sergio Fernando Morales / Harrasment against the Human Rights Prosecutor's Office

August 28, 2007

Guatemala:  Publication of the 2006 Annual Report of the Observatory: A Guatemalan perspective

July 17, 2007

Guatemala:  Assassination of Mrs. María Cristina Gómez and of her son

June 5, 2007

Guatemala:  Serious threats against FAFG

May 30, 2007

Guatemala:  Unlawful entry and robbery of the section in Guatemala of ActionAid

May 25, 2007

Guatemala:  New threats against one civil servant of PCS

May 21, 2007

Guatemala:  Threats, robbery and sexual violence against one member of PCS

May 10, 2007

Guatemala:  Death threats against ICCPG members

May 9, 2007

Guatemala:  Illegal search of four human rights organisations

April 12, 2007

Guatemala:  State of the invesigation into the murder of Ms. Meregilda Súchite

April 2, 2007

Guatemala:  Assassination of Mr. Israel Carias Ortiz

February 9, 2007

Guatemala:  Upsurge of acts of violence against human rights defenders

February 9, 2007

Guatemala:  Threats and harassment against Mr. Flaviano Bianchini

January 30, 2007

Guatemala:  Assassination of Mr. Pedro Zamora, union leader

January 17, 2007