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Guatemala:  Killing of Mrs. Margarita Chub Che

June 10, 2011

Guatemala:  Assassination of leaders of the Union of Banana Workers of Izabal (SITRABI)

May 30, 2011

Guatemala:  Trial against eight environmental defenders has favorably concluded

April 15, 2011

Guatemala:  Concern about the judicial process against eight defenders of the environment in Montaña de las Granadillas

April 13, 2011

Guatemala:  Harassment and attacks against human rights defenders in Polochic Valley

March 23, 2011

Guatemala:  Murder attempt against Mr. Mateo Bernabé López Pérez

November 4, 2010

Guatemala:  Ongoing threats against human rights defenders of indigenous communities and environmental rights.

July 15, 2010

Guatemala:  Death threats against Ms. Norma Cruz

June 15, 2010

Guatemala:  Break in the offices of the Consultancy Company C&N

May 19, 2010

Guatemala:  Letter to the EU on the continuation of attacks against economic, social and cultural rights defenders

April 6, 2010

Guatemala:  Mr. Samuel Ramirez Paredes and Mr. Luis Felipe Cho, trade union leaders, assassinated.

April 1, 2010

Guatemala:  Harassment acts against Ms. Erenia Vanegas

March 10, 2010

Guatemala:  Call to declare the Right to Food a national priority for Guatemala - International organisations deeply concerned about attacks against human rights defenders

March 9, 2010

Guatemala:  Wave of assassinations of human rights defenders in Guatemala

February 22, 2010

Guatemala:  Letter to the EU on attacks against defenders of economic, social and cultural rights in Guatemala

February 5, 2010