Human rights defenders

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Guatemala:  Harassment acts against Ms. Erenia Vanegas

March 10, 2010

Guatemala:  Call to declare the Right to Food a national priority for Guatemala - International organisations deeply concerned about attacks against human rights defenders

March 9, 2010

Guatemala:  Wave of assassinations of human rights defenders in Guatemala

February 22, 2010

Guatemala:  Letter to the EU on attacks against defenders of economic, social and cultural rights in Guatemala

February 5, 2010

Guatemala:  Asassination of Ms. Evelinda Ramírez Reyes and assassination attempt against Messrs. Jorge Lorenzo, Leonel de León and Fredy Rodas

January 20, 2010

Guatemala:  Assassination of Mr. Víctor Gálvez Pérez

October 30, 2009

Guatemala:  Assassination of Mr. Adolfo Ich Chamán

October 7, 2009

Guatemala:  End of the charges against Mr. Jorge Luis López Sologaistoa

September 30, 2009

Guatemala:  Judicial harassment against Mr. Raúl Figueroa Sarti

August 27, 2009

Guatemala:  Agresión y amenazas de muerte en contra de la Sra. Juana Bacá Velasco

July 15, 2009

Guatemala:  Agression and death threats against Ms. Juana Bacá Velasco

July 15, 2009

Guatemala:  Death threats and acts of harassment against several members of SEDEM and UDEFEGUA

May 7, 2009

Guatemala:  Assassination attempt and death threats against Mr. Edgar Neftaly Aldana Valencia and Karen Lucrecia Archila Lara

April 21, 2009

Guatemala:  Indignation following the abduction of the wife of Dr. Morales, Human Rights Prosecutor of Guatemala

March 27, 2009

Guatemala:  Threats against Mr. Leocadio Juracan Salomé

March 4, 2009