Human rights defenders

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Honduras:  Risks for the physical and psychological security fo the Mexican defender Mr. Gustavo Castro Soto

March 4, 2016

Honduras:  Murder of the prominent human rights defender Berta Cáceres

March 4, 2016

Honduras:  Alarming increase in killings and attacks against members of the organization Arcoiris

February 3, 2016

Honduras:  Asesinato del Sr. Javier Vásquez Benítez, integrante del Movimiento Indígena Independiente Lenca de la Paz - Honduras (MILPAH)

December 23, 2015

Honduras:  Asesinato del Sr. Héctor Orlando Martínez y desaparición del Sr. Donatilo Jiménez Euceda, miembros del Sindicato SITRAUNAH

June 26, 2015

Honduras:  Threats and judicial harassment against Mr. José David Ellner Romero

June 17, 2015

Honduras:  Open Letter to the authorities: The Observatory calls for the protection of COFADEH staff members and all human rights defenders in Honduras

June 23, 2014

Honduras:  Detention and ill-treatment by the military police of Mr. José Guadalupe Ruelas, Director of Casa Alianza Honduras

May 14, 2014

Honduras:  The Government should cancel his order to close more than 5,000 non-governmental organisations

March 13, 2014

Honduras:  Harassment against Ms. Bertha Oliva, Mr. Víctor Fernández and Mr. Aureliano Molina Villanueva

November 15, 2013

Honduras:  Judicial harassment against three leaders of the indigenous people Lenca

September 26, 2013

Honduras:  Open Letter to the authorities: The Observatory requests protection and guarantees for Ms. Dina Meza before her return to Honduras

May 14, 2013

Honduras:  Ongoing threats and harassment acts against Mr. Pedro Canales Torres

April 10, 2013

Honduras:  Serious concern over the deterioration of the situation of human rights defenders

October 15, 2012

Honduras:  Killing of a lawyer human rights defender and of a special prosecutor on human rights

October 2, 2012