Human rights defenders

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Honduras:  Assassination of Mr. Walter Tróchez

December 16, 2009

Honduras:  Threats and fear for physical and psychological integrity of Father Andrés Tamayo

July 13, 2009

Honduras:  Assassination attempt against Mr. Fabio Evelio Ochoa Fernández

June 26, 2009

Honduras:  Sentencing of Mr. Dionisio Díaz García's murderers to 21 years in prison!

March 20, 2009

Honduras:  Death threats against Ms. Bertha Oliva de Nativí

February 5, 2009

Honduras:  Assassination of Ms. Cynthia Nicole (César Noel Moreno)

January 19, 2009

Honduras:  Assassination of Mr. Irene Ramírez

August 4, 2008

Honduras:  Sacking in COFADEH premises

July 11, 2008

Honduras:  Assassination of Mr. Iban Guardado

May 14, 2008

Honduras:  Assassination of Ms. Rosa Altagracia Fuentes and Ms. Virginia García de Sánchez

April 29, 2008

Honduras:  Assassination of Mr. Luis Gustavo Galeano Romero

April 11, 2008

Honduras:  Serious harassment against members of an NGO advocating for prison reform

June 29, 2007

Honduras:  killing of Mr. Dionisio Díaz García

December 6, 2006

Honduras:  Honduras: Death threats and ongoing harassment against ASJ members

October 3, 2006

Honduras:  Honduras: Threats against Mr. Andrés Tamayo and MAO members

June 8, 2006