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Iran:  Several trade unionists sentenced to long prison terms while one unionist is released on leave

December 2, 2011

Iran:  Ongoing judicial harassment of members of the "Mourning Mothers"

November 10, 2011

Iran:  Double punishment for jailed human rights defenders

October 21, 2011

Iran:  Judicial harassment and sentencing of Ms. Nargess Mohammadi

September 28, 2011

Iran:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of human rights defenders continue

September 16, 2011

Iran:  Arbitrary arrest of Mr. Abdolfattah Soltani

September 12, 2011

Iran:  Enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrests, ongoing detentions and judicial harassment against human rights defenders

August 19, 2011

Iran:  Continuing judicial harassment against founders of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre

July 6, 2011

Iran:  Release of prominent human rights defender, while others remain detained

June 29, 2011

Iran:  Arbitrary arrest and detention of Ms. Mansoureh Behkish and ongoing judicial harassment against supporters of the "Mourning Mothers"

June 17, 2011

Iran:  Arbitrary detention of Ms. Maryam Bahreman and Ms. Mahbubeh Karami

May 17, 2011

Iran:  Parliament ignores concerns of independent civil society organisations over draft bill

April 10, 2011

Iran:  Sentencing of two human rights defenders

March 29, 2011

Iran:  Continuing arbitrary detention and harassment against human rights defenders and their relatives

February 23, 2011

Iran:  Series of sentences, acts of judicial harassment and arbitrary detentions of human rights defenders

February 8, 2011