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Israel / Occupied Palestinian Territory: Press Release: Escalation of the campaign of attacks against prominent Palestinian human rights organisations

August 22, 2016  |  Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Israel / Occupied Palestinian Territory / The Netherlands: Attacks against Al-Haq's representative in Europe, Ms. Nada Kiswanson

August 11, 2016  |  Israel, Netherlands, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Israel:  Knesset approves controversial law targeting foreign-government funding for NGOs

July 18, 2016

Israel:  Shrinking space for civil society in Israel : Open Letter to Federica Mogherini

June 20, 2016

Joint Open Letter to EU Authorities: Continued hostility towards human rights organisations

June 8, 2016  |  Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory

ISRAEL-PALESTINE: Al-Haq human rights lawyer based in The Hague receives death threats, as attacks against the organisation escalate

March 4, 2016  |  Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory

Controversial bill targeting international funding for NGOs passes the first reading in Parliament

February 15, 2016  |  Israel, Occupied Palestinian Territory