Human rights defenders

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Mexico:  Mexico: Arbitrary detention and judicial proceedings against Ms. Lydia Cacho Ribeiro

December 20, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Presumed forced disappearance of Mr. Diego Bahena Armenta

December 15, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Assassination attempt against Mr. Gustavo Jiménez Pérez

November 25, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Harassment against LIMEDDH members

November 9, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Assassination of Mr. Tomás Cruz Zamora

September 27, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Attack against environmentalist leader Albertano Peñalosa

June 3, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Open letter: Fear for the safety of Ms Lydia Cacho of CIAM Cancun

February 3, 2005

Mexico:  Mexico: Harassment of Ms Erendira Cruzvillegas, CENCOS

January 19, 2005