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Mexico:  Physical assault against a member of the Cerezo Committee

December 14, 2007

Mexico:  Arbitrary detention of Mr. Manuel Olivares

November 12, 2007

Mexico:  Violent and arbitrary detention of around 40 taxi drivers

November 7, 2007  |   Human Rights Defenders, Urgent campaigns

Mexico:  Assassination of Mr. Ricardo Murillo Monge

September 14, 2007

Mexico:  Permanent intimidation climate against Mr. Ildefonso Zamora and his family

August 6, 2007

Mexico:  A Mexican perspective of the Annual Report 2006 of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

July 26, 2007

Mexico:  New death threats against Alejandro, Francisco y Emiliana Cerezo Contreras

July 21, 2007

Mexico:  Arbitrary detention of Mr. Santiago Pérez Alvarado, leader of the Mazahuas community

July 18, 2007

Mexico:  Serious harassment against members of the Committee Cerezo

July 9, 2007

Mexico:  Intimidation and harassment acts against Mrs. Mayem Pilar Arellanes Cano

June 4, 2007

Mexico:  Serious acts of intimidation against members of Mr. Ildefonso Zamora's family

June 1, 2007

Mexico:  Harassment acts against members of

May 29, 2007

Mexico:  Presumed assassination attempt against Ms. Lydia Cacho Ribeiro

May 21, 2007

Mexico:  Search and robbery and Mrs. Aline Castellanos Jurado

May 9, 2007

Mexico:  Assassination of Mr. Santiago Rafael Cruz

April 18, 2007