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Mexico:  Threats against the members of the Asamblea Popular del Pueblo Juchiteco (APPJ)

November 19, 2014

Mexico:  Acts of harassment against Mrs. Martha Solorzano

October 22, 2014

Mexico:  Assassination of Mr. Atilano Román

October 17, 2014

Mexico:  Joint Statement WHRDIC: Justice for Bettina Cruz Velázquez

October 16, 2014

Mexico:  Harassment and threats against Mr. Braulio Gómez Gómez and Mr. Blas Alvarado Jiménez

September 2, 2014

Mexico:  Ongoing arbitrary detention of CECOP leader Mr. Marco Antonio Suástegui Muñoz

July 7, 2014

Mexico:  Arbitrary detention of Messrs. Braulio Gómez Gómez, José Luis Pérez Pérez, Juan Carlos Pérez Pérez, Mario Pérez Pérez and Roberto Pérez

June 30, 2014

Mexico:  Joint Open Letter to the authorities: Call for the release of human rights defender Mr. Marco Antonio Suástegui, Head of CECOP

June 25, 2014

Mexico:  Arbitrary detention and judicial harassment of Mr. Marco Antonio Suástegui Muñoz

June 20, 2014

Mexico:  Surveillance and harassment of the Director and other members of Frayba

June 20, 2014

Mexico:  Torture, assault, threats and continued arbitrary detention of Mr. Damián Martínez Gallardo, defender of the rights of indigenous peoples and education

June 13, 2014

Mexico:  Arbitrary detention of Mr. Mario Marcelino Mendoza Ruiz and 22 indigenous members of the Commission for Dialogue

June 5, 2014

Mexico:   Assault of three defenders of the rights of migrants

May 6, 2014

Mexico:  Death threats against Ms. Eva Lucero Rivero Ortiz

February 25, 2014