Human rights defenders

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Nepal:  Nepal: Arbitrary arrest and subsequent release of 10 defenders

November 30, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Releases of several human rights defenders

August 23, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Judicial proceedings against Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa

August 17, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Arbitrary arrest of Mr. Gagan Kumar Thapa

August 5, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Arbitrary arrests and subsequent releases of 26 human rights defenders

August 2, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Releases of Mr. Krishna Pahadi and Mr. Basu Koirala

July 8, 2005

Nepal: Re-arrests and subsequent releases of several defenders

June 24, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Restrictions on Mr. S.K. Pradhan's freedom of movement

March 29, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Arrest and attempted arrest of heads of FNJ

February 8, 2005

Nepal: Restrictions on freedom of movement of Mr. S.K. Pradhan

January 10, 2005

Nepal:  Nepal: Ill-treatment of Messrs. Naman Kumar Shahi and Bhupendra Shahi

January 4, 2005