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Syria: Syrian Court releases Mr. Aktham Naisse

August 17, 2004

Syria: Unfair trial of Aktham Naisse, President of the CDF

July 27, 2004

Syria: arbitrary detention and ill-treatment of Aktham Naisse

June 22, 2004

Syrian Arab Republic:  Syria : Aktham Naisse detained in very harsh conditions

April 23, 2004

Syrian Arab Republic:  Syria : More than one week after his arrest, the whereabouts of the President of the CDF are still unknown.

April 21, 2004

Syria: incommunicado detention of Mr. Aktham Naisse

April 15, 2004

Syrian Arab Republic:  Syria: Open letter to the President, arbitrary arrests

April 15, 2004

Syrian Arab Republic:  Syria: arrest of two militants of CDF

March 19, 2004

Syria: Mr. Haytham Al-Maleh prevented from leaving the country

February 18, 2004

Syria : Ongoing harassment against human rights defender

February 13, 2004